Best Troops for Looting TH 10

best COC Th10 Army to win battle
COC th10 Army Guide

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Have you been playing Clash of Clans lately and now you are looking out for the ways to get the maximum loot without having to worry about working for it? You have landed at the right place as we have elaborated about the best troops for looting in Town Hall level 10. So, let’s get to the point!


There is a great number of attacking compositions available in the Clash of Clans world from which players can choose which best suits their preferences and even those compositions have a lot of variations. When you seek the online help to get to know about the best compositions, you are lost in the jungle of a variety of compositions and you will never be able to choose the Best Attacking Troop in COC.

best COC Th10 Army to win battle
COC th10 Army Guide

In the case of YouTube and Google, each attack done is described as the best composition but it is true in some cases and not all of them. The key to choose the best mix of battle Army in COC is keeping your preferences and town hall level in mind as that will help you choose the optimum composition.

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TH10 Loot Army 2019

In this guide, we are going to elaborate the right method to choose the right attacking strategy or composition for your village and provide the best guides which are highly practical as well and can be used by players immediately.

You might earlier have come across our guide to Hidden Secrets in COC 2019 game, so one can say this is the best add on to the older part.

Here is one of the rarest and the best pushing army composition which will bring you good loot in COC battle:

2 golems (1 in cc + 1 giant)
13 bowlers
3 pekkas
8 wallbreakers
8 wizzies
9 archers
2 rage
1 heal
1 jump
1 freeze
1 poison
any cc spell
This even worked with TH11 too.

What the gamer has to say about this attack:

So I went to a full elixir army and I have climbed from 3850 to 4550 trophies in 4 days with 0 lost attacks. Most attacks don’t even require heroes!

And here are the enemies who lost to the above composition of Clash Of Clans TH10 Troops:

How to win battles with Best Troop Compositions TH10
COC Win with Best Troop Compositions

Various Types of Troops Composition for Different COC TH10 Bases

We all have been there when we checked for the best compositions online and we were lost and could not decide anything. This happens because there is not one best composition. There are various bet compositions which are in accordance with varying needs and preferences. We recommend trying new and different compositions and choosing the one that best needs your wants and set a goal for yourself to achieve.

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When you will be on your way to try new attacking styles, you will notice that it takes time as well as resources to excel in the battle field and among the competitors. The rule of thumb we have defined after playing this game is that a beginner player needs 10 attacks to get to know the basics, 100 attacks to get confident about one’s skills, and 500 attacks to be the professional Clash of Clan player.

Have your own secret recipe? Then comment down to let the Clashers know the latest Troops Compositions to win every Battle in Clash Of Clans.

We always ask the readers to make a long-term choice which will save your resources as well as time instead of using the temporary compositions that won’t bring many benefits.  Always focus on the goal rather than wasting time and resources on some temporary fun.

Working Town Hall 10 Loot Guide

TownHall 10 being one of the important bases in Clash Of Clans, therefore one keeps on hitting and also at times gets hit by enemies. Therefore one needs to be very good at looting other bases so that you can maximise your Elixir and gold. As this is not COC Private Server, therefore playing in a fair manner will help you conquer all the battles in the game.

The Best Attacking Strategies In COC

There are three major categories in which we have divided the attacking strategies. Those are elaborated below;

  1. Farming Strategy – In this strategy, you will be able to get a lot of loot and it will be very economical so you can design a good yet a strong profile to work when the heroes are on upgrade mode
    The Best Farming Base TH10

    TH10 Best Farming Base Design

  2. Trophy Pushing Strategy – The main function of this strategy is to push the trophies. In this process, you have to make sure that your base is strong enough to get you at least 1 star which is very expensive when looked from the training aspect.
    COC Trophy Base 2019 Model

    Clash Of Clans Trophy base 2019

  3. Clan War Strategy – This strategy is our favourite up till now because of various reasons. The main reason we like this strategy so much is that a player can have a lot of time to scout and look out for the weaknesses in a base but still get 3 stars within a specific time period.
    Clash Of Clans TH10 War Base

    TH10 War Base Strategy

This article shows that each strategy is best in its own way given the preferences and demands of the players and their village. It is safe to say that you can now make a decision and choose the best strategy for yourself. Hope this small trick was beneficial to all of you clashers out there. Do not forget to subscribe to the website via push and mail so that you are ahead of all without getting your SuperCell Clash Of Clans to account banned.

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