Top Hidden Secrets of Clash Of Clans 2019 Game

Latest Tricks Unlocked in COC Game
Secrets Tricks Of Clash Of Clans Game

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Clash of Clans has gained so much popularity that everyone around is talking about troops and elixirs. People are going gaga over this game and they are trying out everything that can help them be the champion of the game. In this article, we have written top hidden secrets of Clash of Clans game that is going to help you be the champion. So, let’s get to the dark secrets of Clash Of Clans official Game!

Latest Tricks Unlocked in COC Game
Secrets Tricks Of Clash Of Clans Game


Do’s and Dont’s in Clash Of Clans Latest Update

With new updates that keep on rolling every month in Clash Of Clans, we promise to keep you updated with all of the latest Tricks that work to maximize your loot in the game. Not only this, our tricks to Clash Of Clans are server friendly, that is, Supercell will not ban your official Game ID.

You must take revenge as often as possible

There is a huge possibility that your village will be attacked when you are offline but your competitors are online. When you are not available, the shield is down which leaves your village a vulnerable place. You will get a chance to attack them back once you are back on the game. The best thing about this play is that you can have a close look on their village and develop the strategies accordingly

Do not miss the Guide to Beginner Base,which will actually help you start with setting up your Clash Of Clans Game in better way.

The bank for wall breaking elixir

There is always scheduling possible. In this part, the players have the upper hand through which they can queue their troops for the time when they are not available. This step may cost you some elixir. However, you can completely control this factor by cancelling the training and that will help you save the elixir.

You must focus on getting the 1250 trophies

Do you want to know clash of clans trick for free gems? This is the answer. All you have to do is search for the town halls outside the competitors’ walls and get 3 stars. This will win you 450 gems

Town Hall Level and Raiding

The perfect farming place is nothing but the town hall 7. With this town hall level, you can take down the opponents from town hall level 9 which is nothing but amazing. This will also help you keep your resources safe and out of reach of opponents.

Mortars can be spelled away

We thought that mortars are the toughest thing to fight with but they can be spelled away. The players can use lighting spells of 4+ rating which will be more than enough to destroy the mortars of level 4 and level 5.

Always drop trophies along with the heroes

Did you just start the match? Drop down the trophies for free. You can also drop the heroes to end the war before they have caused destruction to your village.

Your heroes need rest too

Always choose the sleep mode for your heroes rather than choosing the guard mode. Choosing the guard mode will make your hero vulnerable and weak. However, with the sleep mode, your hero will be up for the next battle with full energy.

You got to save the campaign

Do you want to win up to 5 million elixir and gold? Think no more because you can go for gobbling to rescue more resources.

Let your Town Hall feel cold and free

When you complete an attack, you are given a shield for 12 hours. This is the main reason why some players let opponents attack them and it gives you access to the protection shield. Do not worry because the trophies can be reoccupied and resources will be easy to save for the purpose of upgrades.

You can use Teslas and traps as a surprise

If you have made a decision to make your town halls cold, do not forget to surround it Teslas as they will help your villages again the unprepared attacks and help save the villages as well as the resources.

Clash of Clans Secrets Gems Trick 2019

COC Tricks to get Unlimited Loot
Top Loot Secret Tips for COC 2019

If you have deleted the game but you had it connected to the iTunes stores, install it on the iPhone and connect it with the previous account. You will be able to gain back the gems.

Clash of Clans Tricks to Get More Loot

There are two points that you must keep in mind to ensure that you get more loot. Let’s have a look;

  • Use the BARCH or BAM to farm but if your town hall is of upper level, you must focus on using more advanced settings
  • You must have a 1 star to be in the good league. A good league ensure the loot along with each attack.

Clash Of Clans Unlimited Resources via COC Private Servers

When you have tried all of the original concepts in the game, it is time that you try the Latest Private Servers of COC. Private Servers Open window to the new world and the best part is- Your phone need not to be rooted or jailbroken. So checkout.

Clash Of Clans Private Servers [Latest with Download Links]

One can easily install COC Private iOS on your device without any problem. If you think you are not able to somehow proceed with installation of COC Private Server on your Smartphone, then one can easily install COC Private Server on their PC/Laptop too.

This were few of the techniques that will help you faster the game play in Clash Of Clans alongside winning battles. We also have Clash of Clans Private Servers that are equipped with powerful resources and that too in unlimited quantity.

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