Download Clash Of Lights Apk COC Private Server S1,S2,S3,S4,S5,S10 [No Root/Jailbreak]

Latest Clash Of Lights Server APK download
Clash Of Lights Server S1/S2/S3/S4/S5/S10 APK Download

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Clash Of Lights is one of the most demanded All in One Clash Of Clans Private server tops our list of Downloads like every month. Clash Of Lights Unlimited Mod offers gamers to explore and unlock the potential of Clash Of Clans Official SuperCell game but on our Private Servers that are more secure and much convenient to play.

Latest Clash Of Lights Server APK download
Clash Of Lights Server S1/S2/S3/S4/S5/S10 APK Download

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You might earlier used FHX COC Server to play modded Clash Of Clans game on your phone. If you want to explore the new taste of modifications and Unlock various TownHall which we already get in Townhall Unlocked Clash Of Lights Private Server then you are at the right place. With various Clash Of Lights Server namely COL S1, COL S2, COL S3 and COL S4, you will never run out of attacks and explorations in the world of Clash Of Clans Private Servers.

What is Clash Of Lights Private Server

Being a Clash Of Clans game lover myself on Android Platform, at times we find the game turning boring. Therefore, to add an interesting factor to the game, developers release a modded variation of Clash Of Clans game which can be easily installed on your Android or iOS running device. Not only this, but One can also install latest and updated Clash of Lights Private Server on PC or Laptop running Windows or MacOs. Clash Of Lights Server for Clash Of Clans gives you the experience of real SuperCell gameplay on the Private Servers of us. One will not be able to distinguish whether he is playing the game connected to SuperCell Servers or the one which is connected to superfast modded Secure Servers of Clash of Clans.

Clash of Lights Apk is not the only option, Also Check out our other Clash Of Clans Private Servers that are actually working in 2019: Click Here

The best part about these Private Servers for Clash Of Clans is they do not require any rooting or jailbreaking in case of iOS or installation of third-party apps which might cause damage to the warranty of your phone. Unlike real Supercell server of COC, Clash of Lights comes with Unlimited Everything concept just like you saw in latest FHX Servers for COC.

How is COC Clash Of Lights Private Server different from other COC Private Servers?

This seems to be legit query to me as there are many famous COC Private Servers available on the Internet but why do we choose Clash of Lights Private Server apk over others? Well, the answer to this question lies in the upcoming list of features that will make you very well understand the differences between Clash Of Clans private servers and this specific latest Clash Of Lights Server.

Features of Clash Of Lights COC Private Server

Why would one settle for less when you are onto the hunt of modded COC gameplay. And you will be totally justified with the best features that Clash Of Lights COC Apk provides once you read on the list below.

Features Description
Unlimited Gems and Gold in Clash of Magic launcher APK


COM Private Server offers with Unlimited amount of Gems that your Gaming bar on COC can withstand.
Latest Clash of Magic Apk Download for android


Getting minimum of 10000000 Gold Coins is no joke in Clash Of Magic S1 Server which contains highest level of Unlocked Resources.
Free Elixir in COC Unlimited Clash Magic APK


Playing Safe with Unlimited Elixir Unlocked Clash Of Magic APK launcher is very easy. All you need to do is spend your Elixir in a good way.
Dark Elixir Clash Of Magic Unlocked

Dark Elixir

Clash Of Magic Latest Version APK 2019 comes loaded with 10000000 Dark Elixir which enables gamers to upgrade troops very erasily and also upgrade dark elixir troops.
Clash Of Magic Server Apk with Unlocked Troops hacked apk


Clash Of Magic Server APK comes with hacked unlimited troops upgrades. One will be very happy to see All the Huts, Towers, TownHall bases unlocked in this latest version of Clash Of Magic Launcher Apk.
clash Of magic apk modifications


TH 12 warbase enabled Clash Of Magic Servers comes with the soft hand to modifications. Thereby, providing lot more features while you enjoy fast servers of Clash Of Magic APK
Clash of Magic Stability Test and Uptime

Server Uptime & Stability

What would be a COC Private Server be if it fails to provide you 100% Uptime. With Clash Of Magic Latest APK 2019 one will get reliable servers that are always ON to provide you with better attacks and stability.
Clash of Magic Server Loading time is fastest

Building Time

There is no waiting time when it comes to Playing in the zone of Clash of Clans in Clash Magic Private Servers. Everything happens very quick with the fastest loading secured server of Clash Of Magic APK

These were few of the unlocks and features that you get when you download th 11 Clash Of Lights COC Server on your mobile or PC. When you have already made up your mind for Installing Clash Of Lights Server on your smartphone or laptop, then let me quickly get you through this video which demostrates:

How to Download Clash Of Lights COC Apk [Official]

This video will help you out with the easy method to Install Clash Of Lights COC Server APK on your Android phone. Make sure you follow this video properly in order to get Clash of Lights working on your phone with Unlocked and Unlimited resources.

Latest Clash Of Lights S10 APK Working with Download Link 2019

Minimum Requirements to Get Clash Of Lights COC Server Installed

One is always free to direct install Clash Of Lights Private Server on his Android or iOS device by finding the download link enclosed at the bottom of the post. But we do not want to hurry you in order to make COC Mod totally effective while you are enjoying it on your PC or Mobile. Here are the bare requirements to run Clash Of Lights Server on your Android Phone or Play Clash Of Lights iOS version on iPhone/iPad:

  • Your device must be having at least 120MB of free space which will then be occupied by the Hacked Clash of Clans server – Clash Of Lights S1/S2/S3/S4 (As per Choice of Gamer).
  • Make sure that you have uninstalled any previous version of the game installed whether it may be Official Clash Of Clans or previously downloaded Clash Of Clans Private Server from us.
  • Must have the suitable version of Lights Of COC APK Downloaded for your Android and in case Apple, then go for Clash Of Lights iOS Version (Clash Of Lights IPA) which can be downloaded from the bottom of this post.
  • Give suitable permissions for the Lights S1 apk or whichever you choose to install so that the Clash Of Lights Servers can interact with the Internet world and let you enjoy Unlimited resources and free purchases in Clash Of Clans game.
  • If using Android Phone, make sure that you Allow Installation of Unknown Resources. If you have not enabled it, then first go to your Android Settings > Security > Check/Tick Unknown Resources Installation Option as can be seen in the image below:
Android Phone hacked COC Private Server Installation guide
How To Enable Installation Of Hacked COC Private Servers on Android Phone

These were just the few requirements which will help you get your Clash Of Lights server working on your device.

Procedure to Install Clash Of Lights S1/S2/S3/S4 COC APK Server

One will now notice that getting COC Installed on your device was very easy as one would only need to go to PlayStore and get the official game installed. But Installation of Private Servers of Clash Of Clans requires a small guide in 2019 in order to Unlock TownHall 12 Base on Clash Of Lights servers.

We would not recommend you to Officially Signing in with genuine or real id of SuperCell games in the Clash Of Lights 2019 Mod APK.

Installation procedures can be different for every device you choose, for example if you want to install private server on iPhone or iPad, then for that you would need to first download Clash Of Lights iOS version or more right Clash Of Lights IPA file for iPhone/iPad. Without further dues, lets start with the guides.

Install 2019 Clash Of Lights S4 APK on Android Device without Root

COC Mod Apk of Clash Of Lights can be easily be installed on Android phone provided you run Android 4 Kitkat and above alongside you fulfil the basic requirements to install Clash Of Lights Server APK which you read above. The best part of it is – You need not to root your phone which means One can install Clash Of Lights APK without rooting or voiding your warranty.

  1. Download TH 12 Clash Of Lights COC Private Server to your Android Phone from the Download links of Lights S1 or Lights S2 or Lights S3 or Lights S10/S5 for Android at the bottom.
  2. Install the Downloaded 2019 APK of Clash Of Lights on your phone as you do with your normal apk. Make sure that you have Enabled Installation of Unknown resources.
  3. Provide all the necessary permissions to let Clash Of Lights game run without timeout or lags.
  4. Signup to the Clash Of Clans game in the modded server and start exploring your TownHalls.

How To Install Clash Of Lights 10 on iPhone/iPad/iPod

iPad and iPhone audience adds up to a huge number of Clash Of Clans fan base. So we would never neglect this part as we have Clash of Lights iOS version which comes with Unlimited resources unlocked which can be installed by simply following this procedure. There is no need to Jailbreak your device and hence one can install Clash Of Lights without Jailbreak on their iPhone.

  1. Considering the fact that you have Clash Of Lights IPA on PC whose download link can be found at the bottom of the post, Connect your iPhone or iPad to Computer via USB cable.
  2. Run Cydia Impactor application on your PC/Laptop to which your phone is attached and then Drag and drop Clash Of Lights iOS IPA on Cydia Impactor application.
  3. Wait for the installation to start and when you are asked with Token to Sign the app, Simply Enter in your Apple ID and Password and wait for the installation to be completed.
  4. Once done successfully, you will now be able to play the game of modded COC on your Clash Of Lights iOS app.

We would soon be providing you with the separate tutorial on How to Install COC Private Servers on iPhone via Cydia Impactor. Do let us know if you are not able to install Clash Of Lights iOS on your iPhone via comments.

Updated Clash Of Lights APK Installation Guide for PC/Laptop

In 2019 Emulators are making their own place when it comes to gaming. We have also seen few games that are emulator specific. However, Clash Of Clans mod Apk – Clash Of Lights can be easily installed on any Emulator and hence one can enjoy Unlocked Unlimited resources, troops on your PC or Laptop running Windows or MacOS.

  1. Download any of the best emulator which is free like BlueStacks and Install that on your PC.
  2. Once installed, now Double Click the latest APK of Clash Of Lights COC Private Server and wait for the installation to be finished on your Bluestacks.
  3. You can now start playing Lights S1/S2/S3/S4 depending upon the version you installed on PC/Laptop with big screen and huge benefits.

These were few of the Installation procedures to get your mod COC game working on your device that you prefer. Not wasting your time anymore, let us now jump onto Download Links for Clash Of Lights Private Servers along with variations offered.

Download Free Clash Of Lights Latest Updated Servers 2019

Prior to reaching here, one must have fallen for many downloading traps such as Surveys and Human Verification in order to Download Working Clash Of Lights Mod Apk. But here at COCPrivateServerNow we not only provide you with Clash Of Lights 2019 APK Download Links, but also will give you various Servers of Clash Of Lights that are working.

One can find Clash Of Lights COC Private Server can be downloaded in various types depending upon serverload and features offered:

Our aim is not to confuse you more, but to make your decisions on choosing the right Clash Of Lights Mod. Therefore, let us now head over to individual Download Links of Clash Of Lights Servers based on features for Android, iOS and PC/Laptop.

Direct Download Clash Of Lights S1 Apk

Clash Of Lights Server 1 or S1 comes with amazing security features that keeps your data secure with python based coding and DDOS protection. To add up cream to cake, COL S1 Server is fast enough to withstand heavy amount of users in the game. It is one of the most advanced COC Private Server in 2019 like FHX Server X. Now depending on the platform of the device you want to enjoy Unlimited updated resources of real Clash Of Clans mods, one can choose from the following:

Download Clash Of Lights S1 Townhall 12 APK for Android
Clash Of Lights S1 iOS Latest IPA Download for iPhone/iPad/iPod
Download Lights S1 COC Private Server for PC/Laptop

Latest Clash Of Lights S2 V9 Download Mod APK

Lights S2 server is one of the less loaded server that Clash of Lights offers which means one can play Clash of Clans seamlessly with Unlocked resources without having to face any lags in the game. But at the same time it has got its own drawbacks, COL Server 2 has less number of gamers playing in. Therefore you may have very less human interactions in the game. But one can enrich his skills of mastering Clash Of Clans in Clash Of Lights Server 2 apk. Clash of Lights S2 V9 being the latest of it in the market.

2019 Clash Of Lights S2 V9 Download APK for Android Phone
Download Clash Of Lights S2 IPA for iPhone/iPad
Clash Of Lights S2 Free Download with TH 12 Unlock for PC/Laptop

Download Clash of Lights S3 TH 12 APK Updated

Clash Of Lights S3 New Version comes loaded with Unlimited Troops and spells unlocked and thereby saving gameplay time. One can easily fight with your opponent without having to wait for the match with a full army. Moreover, in Clash Of Lights S3 COC Server, you get TownHall 12 Base in the beginning itself.

Download Clash Of Lights S3 New Version APK for Android
Lights S3 IPA for iOS iPhone/iPad Download
Direct Download Clash Of Lights S3 APK for Windows Laptop or PC

Clash Of Lights S4 APK Download Updated Version

How fun it would be if you are playing every Clash Of Lights Everything Unlocked in the real SuperCell servers itself. Well, Clash Of Lights S4 serves this purpose. It is so close to real Supercell servers that one can not differentiate between the real COC and the Lights S4 APK. It is one of the fasted and Secure Clash Of Lights Server with lot of modifications. One can do free purchases in Clash of Clans with Clash Of Lights S4 APK easily.

2019 Clash Of Lights S4 Update Download for Android
Download Clash Of Lights S4 2019 for iPhone/iPad
New Version Clash Of Lights S4 Mod Apk for PC/Laptop Download

Clash Of Lights S10 /S5/ S11 APK Free Download

Clash Of Lights Servers add on more variants with coming time, So we also have Clash of Lights S10 Server which can be downloaded for free. This Clash of Lights S10 Server comes loaded with all of the features that you would love to see in your COC Private Server. Not only this One can easily download S11 Clash Of Lights Server along with Clash Of Lights S5 COC Apk. These are the latest servers available for downloads.

Download Latest Clash Of Lights S11 APK for Android
2019 Working Clash Of Lights S10 for iPhone
New Version of Clash of Lights S5/S10/S11 Apk for PC/Laptop

We have provided you with the best of the Clash Of Lights Servers that are working in 2019 on Android and iOS Devices. If one still wants to download S5 Clash Of Lights Apk, then one can request the same from the comments section. Apart from this one can also look at- Updated 2019 COC Private Servers that are available to download. If you get any problem while Playing Clash of Lights COC Server or if download link of Clash Of Lights Server is not working, then let us know via comments. We will be at your service.

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