Guide To Clash Of Clans Beginner Base

Basic Clash Of Clans Beginner Base Guide
COC Beginner Guide in all Townhall

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Clash of Clans was launched back in 2012 and since then, it has been topping the charts of video game sector. According to some reports, this game daily generates revenue of 5.5 million.

Basic Clash Of Clans Beginner Base Guide
COC Beginner Guide in all Townhall

Clash of Clans can be very difficult to play for the beginners as it needs proper strategic plans and other things to stay in the game. In this article, we have added the Beginner Guide for Clash of Clan enthusiasts who are planning to go for it. We will guide you about everything ranging from how to raise an army, how to gain victory, to becoming a gaming champion. This guide will ensure that the new players are equipped with basic information to be in a battlefield of Clash of Clans. Not only that, this guide will also teach you to be in competition with the previous players who have mastered the game.


By utilizing this guide to maximum, the beginners will be able to develop a competitive strategy that will give you a level up in the competition. Now, let’s get to the point that and teach you some basics about the game. One can anytime switch to Clash of Clans Private Servers that are updated on daily basis and can give you an upper hand in the first battle itself.

Don’t Pay to Play 

Beginner easily gets intimated by the new collections and upgraded versions that they get ready to pay for it. Never do it. Start playing the game and you will slowly and steadily win everything through the battle wins. However, if you still want to get a complete upgrade without much hard work in the game, it will cost you $12,000 which is a very big amount. So, use this as a free game that it is and play fairly!

Starting Clash of Clans – Day one

When you will download the game, it will give a tutorial round before getting you to play. The tutorial is highly effective but we recommend you not to waste any resources because it will ask you to spend out some gems or gold. You must wait for the construction to complete on its own and gather the resources. However, you can place to wizards on each side of the cannon as these are extremely powerful and do not make much of damage.

The first two days in COC beginner base

COC Beginner Base Setup 2019
Clash Of Clans Beginner Base Guide Dos and Donts

When you start playing the game, in very first three days, the base will be safe in case you do not attack any other player. This protection system is known as a shield. After three days’ time period, the shield will stay activated only if the base is successfully raided or if gems are bought. The shield will stay active as long as the damage done by raid and number of buildings attacked is efficient as well as maximum.

Beginner’s defensive strategy

Protect your Villages and Battle Hard
COC Shield For Beginners

Never ever rush into attacking the others’ fields. Utilize the extra time to build up the defenses and enrich the buildings of your clan and village. You should be well prepared for your first attack when you plan to do it. You must focus on upgrading the elixirs and gold mines as soon as you can and then buy the storage facilities for the collected matter. Then, build up the town hall for defense purpose. Once you reach the level 4 of town hall, the defense strategy should focus on constructing air defenses and then upgrade the Archer tower, Mortar, and Cannon. You must not build second storage facilities before the seven days of first storage facility building.

The third day

On the third day, build the base defences for your village and put the walls around townhall as well as the storage facilities. You must try to locate the town hall and storage facilities in the center of your village or base. This will slow down the attacks on your base. After that, try to upgrade the walls to level 2 to make the base more secure. Buy a mortar that will help you save your important buildings as well as the storage facilities where gold and gems are stored. Range the archer towers and cannons around the important structures of your base. Apart from this, you must keep trying to upgrade the levels as much as possible.

Clash of Clans War Strategy

When you have spent the three days as we have asked you to, it’s now time to conduct the offensive operations which means that you must start thinking about war strategies to excel in the battlefield. You are required to win and get hold on lots of gold, elixir, and trophies if you wish to stay in the game and make yourself a champion. The gold and elixir will be utilized to upgrade the buildings of your base as well as helps in winning the game!

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COC War Strategy in Beginner Game to Clash of Clans 2019

Best Clash of Clan Base Layout

In this section, we have shared a number of base layouts will not only make your base look attractive to the competitors but also help with securing your entities such as elixir, gold, town hall, and what not!

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Clash of Clans Defensive Base

Clash of clans is a game that will take you up your feet with its intensity and you will want to do everything to protect. So, to make sure that your base is secure, we have added the best defensive bases which will help you position your cannons and mortar in the most efficient and effectove way possible.

Types of Clash of Clans Bases

There are three types of bases in this game and we have added the details on all those three. Let’s have a look at these bases along with most common arrangements with TownHalls in Clash Of Clans.

  1. Farming Base: In this base, you are able to protect and keep the loot as maximum as possible.
    The Best COC Farming Base 2019

    Clash of Clans Farming Base

  2. Trophy Farming Base: This base layout is important for guarding the town hall.
    Best COC Trophy Base Design

    Clash Of Clans Trophy Base Design

  3. War Base: This is pretty much same as the trophy base. In this base, the trophies will be saved and protected by hog riders.
    COC War base 2019

    Clash of Clans TownHall War base Strategy

One can also have a look over this Video of Clash Of Clans War base that helps you protect and win battles in Clash Of Clans game. 

Clash of Clans Base Building Guide

The builder base is accessed by clicking on the boat present at the bottom of your main case. During your first battles, chose to close the gaps in the walls my moving them closers which will help in protection of cannons and then do the up gradations later. Once the upgradation is done, unlock the new weapons and upper levels of walls. This will also help you to remove the junk from the base.

We hope that this article helped you well. In case of questions, comment in the below section and we will be here to help you!

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